Baking with Lensbaby

The Lensbaby muse is a 50mm lens made out of an accordion style body and what Lensbaby call their Optic Swap System. The lens comes with the Double Glass Optic for “a tack sharp Sweet Spot of focus with minimum diffusion at all aperture settings”. The Optic Swap System also includes pinhole, plastic and single glass options.

Without touching the lens, it will focus on objects 18 inches away. You then pull the lens towards you to focus on objects further away. It is possible to push it forwards slightly to focus on objects as close as 9 inches away, but in my opinion I just wouldn’t want to risk damaging the lens. The only problem with this way of focusing is that its incredibly¬†easy to lose focus, which can be really annoying if you’re shooting on the fly.

So the other day when it was snowing real bad but I wanted to go out and take photos, I decided to bake cookies and use my Lensbaby to take some interesting shots during and after. The issue with this lens is that theres no electronic communication between itself and your camera. It does take a bit of set up when you first get started but once you get close to a good exposure for your lighting conditions, it only takes a small amendment per shot to get it right.

Despite being a bit fiddly – and such a pain to refocus if you lose it – the lens is amazing for portraits, detailed nature shots and still life. I use it when I want something a little more creative, or to focus in on my subject.


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