My Nintendo Switch

I’m not a very consistent gamer. I will spend hundreds of pounds on a console and games and then never sit down and play them. Thats the problem: I’m really bad at finding the time to sit down and play the xbox or the playstation for hours on end. I am what twitter would call “a casual gamer”. But this is exactly why the Nintendo Switch is perfect for me! I can play games when I want to kill time waiting on friends or when I have to lunch by myself at work.

Me being me, I wanted it on launch day. So I ordered one through Tesco online and arranged for it to be delivered to my grandmother’s house because I would be at work. I received an email from Tesco the day before launch telling me my order had been cancelled – year ruined. After a not-so-quick chat through their Twitter DMs it was established that they did not have the red and blue Joy-Con version I wanted. They had, however, ordered me a replacement grey Joy-Con one. This would be great if I wasn’t a completely materialistic person that couldn’t enjoy something if it wasn’t exactly what they wanted (this is cool, I’ve accepted this character flaw). So I ordered a red and blue one from Asda who said they had them in stock, ready for delivery on Launch day. Fantastic! Unfortunately, the Tesco one couldn’t be cancelled because it had already been despatched and by the time I found that out and tried to cancel the Asda one, it too had also been despatched and couldn’t be cancelled.

… and thats the story of how I accidentally bought two Nintendo Switches. This all came to the great joy of my boyfriend who found himself getting one for his birthday seven months early. 

My favourite thing about the Switch is its portability. Having the freedom to throw it in my bag and play for ten or fifteen minutes while I wait for family and friends to get to Starbucks is actually making me game more than ever. It’s everything I wanted in the PS Vita except it doesn’t feel as plastic and being able to play on the TV when I’m at home and want to sit down and play is great too. I have to admit though, I don’t think I’ve ever put it in the dock since launch day.

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