Practicing Pinhole

My friend/darkroom buddy/college-Mum Sheila has a thing for pinhole photography. Every year we agree to do something for world pinhole photography day and we never do, which is unfortunate.

So one day when I had a day off work she forced pinhole on me. We sat in the Fire Station Creative cafe and made a camera. Out of cardboard boxes and tape! There was no film or image sensors or aperture. Just a box, some light sensitive paper… and, of course, a pinhole.

Once we had finished up building our cameras (and eating our cake and drinking our coffee. It is such hard work being a photographer, I tell you) we headed off into Dunfermline town to try it out. Of course, we first had to go up to the darkroom to cut down some Ilford multigrade to fit the camera and get two black bags ready; one for unused paper and one for used paper.

We headed out to Dunfermline Abbey and the glass houses in Pittencrieff Park. As much as I love film photography, the next time I do pinhole it might be with one of those fancy digital camera pinhole lenses because lugging about a cardboard box in the freezing cold and the rain is not great for my anxiety. Especially when you then have to somehow get it in the changing bag, remove the light sensitive paper and store it in a black bag away from any light. Once we’d used up our limited supply of paper we headed back to the Fire Station to develop the pictures.

I would love to tell you they turned out amazingly and we’ve both won awards for our art. However, the truth of the matter is they came out so appallingly terrible I haven’t even taken a photo for this blog.

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